Movie 5

Fimbrin compensates for loss of fascin to maintain lamellipodial bundling. Fimbrin-mCherry (RED) decorates actin bundles (LifeAct-GFP, GREEN) within the lamellipod of sn mutant macrophages. Images were acquired with spinning disc confocal microscopy (Perkin Elmer Ultraview) every 30 s. The scale bar is 10 μm. The movie frame rate is 4 frames/s.

Ena orchestrates remodelling within the actin cytoskeleton to drive robust Drosophila macrophage chemotaxis

Andrew J. Davidson, Tom H. Millard, Iwan R. Evans, and Will Wood

J Cell Sci 2019. 132:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.224618