Movie 4

Overexpression of p21CIP1rescues cell death induced by Aurora B or PLK1 inhibitors and yields homogeneous senescence, related to Figure 7 and Figure S7.
Time-lapse imaging of MCF7-FUCCI or p21CIPI overexpression (p21) cells treated with DMSO, Aurora B or PLK1 inhibitors. Images were taken at 2 h intervals beginning 1 h after inhibitors treatment. In MCF7 cells with DMSO treatment, most of cells underwent cell cycle every 24 h. In MCF7 cells treated with Aurora B or PLK1 inhibitors, cells displayed mitotic slippage and some cells developed senescent morphology while some binucleate cells died rather than entering senescence. P21 overexpression can induce senescence on its own but when combined with the Aurora B or PLK1 inhibitors, the binucleate cells were rescued from death, yielding nearly homogeneous senescence.

Repair-independent functions of DNA-PKcs protect irradiated cells from mitotic slippage and accelerated senescence

Yue Liu, Elena V. Efimova, Aishwarya Ramamurthy, and Stephen J. Kron

J Cell Sci 2019. 132:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.229385