Movie 2

Confocal live cell imaging of N1E cells expressing 5-HT1AR and CEpac stimulated with 5-CT after pre-stimulation with FSK and IBMX. The down-regulation of cAMP levels caused by 5-HT1AR signaling via Gi was observed after the up-regulation of cAMP with FSK and IBMX. The cAMP concentration obtained from the FRET-based biosensor CEpac is color coded from blue (low [cAMP]) to red (low [cAMP]). Compare Fig. 1 in the main text and Movie 1.

Serotonin receptor oligomerization regulates cAMP-based signaling

Sonal Prasad, Evgeni Ponimaskin, and Andre Zeug

J Cell Sci 2019. 132:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.230334