Movie 1

Localization of Mora-GFP in an embryo expressing Histone 2AV-RFP. The embryo is progressing through cycle 11; the left and middle channels show Histone-RFP and Mora-GFP respectively; in the merged channels (right panel) Histone-RFP is red and Mora green. Note that Mora-GFP is enriched in the perinuclear area during interphase and in the mitotic spindle throughout mitosis. Stills of this movie are shown in Figure 1A. Scale bar, 10 μm.

Drosophila Morgana is an Hsp90-interacting protein with a direct role in microtubule polymerisation

Valeria Palumbo, Ammarah Tariq, Lori Borgal, Jeremy Metz, Mara Brancaccio, Maurizio Gatti, James G. Wakefield, and Silvia Bonaccorsi

J Cell Sci 2020. 133:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.236786