Movie 3

Identification of activated T cells in 3D imaging data in a cognate environment
Live-cell imaging of LGO1 cells (raw fluorescence, left; coloured surface rendering, right) co-embedded with cognate EL-4 tumour cells (not shown) in a 3D collagen matrix over 12 h. Surfaces are coloured according to activation confidence level as described in Figure 5A: grey: indeterminate, yellow: low, cyan: medium, magenta: high. Time in h:min:s. Scale bar: 100μm

The Lifeact-EGFP mouse is a translationally controlled fluorescent reporter of T cell activation

Jorge Luis Galeano Niño, Szun S. Tay, Jacqueline L. E. Tearle, Jianling Xie, Matt A. Govendir, Daryan Kempe, Jessica Mazalo, Alexander P. Drew, Feyza Colakoglu, Sarah K. Kummerfeld, Christopher G. Proud, and Maté Biro

J Cell Sci 2020. 133:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.238014