Movie 2

Exemplary generation of a velocity map. A simulated contour (yellow line) consisting of multiple points is slowly protruding to the right (black arrow on top) while fractions of the edge are retracting and protruding with differential timing and velocity (see colour-velocity bar on the left). The velocity map on the right is building up in temporal synchrony with contour movements on the left, illustrating how cell edge movements correlate with the outcome of the velocity map.

Lamellipodin tunes cell migration by stabilizing protrusions and promoting adhesion formation

Georgi Dimchev, Behnam Amiri, Ashley C. Humphries, Matthias Schaks, Vanessa Dimchev, Theresia E. B. Stradal, Jan Faix, Matthias Krause, Michael Way, Martin Falcke, and Klemens Rottner

J Cell Sci 2020. 133:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.239020