Movie 6

GFP::BubR1 kinetics at mitotic DSBs is altered in polo mutant. Time-lapse video of wild type neuroblast arrested in prometaphase after colchicine treatment (left panel) and polo10 mutant neuroblasts (right panel) expressing H2A.Z::mRFP (red) and GFP::BubR1 (cyan). The first image represents the cells before microirradiation (IR). The yellow arrows point to the site of irradiation (IR). The white arrows indicate the appearance of GFP::BubR1 at the site of damage. Time 0:00 corresponds to the time of recording few seconds after irradiation. Time=min:sec. Images are maximum projections. The movie corresponds to Fig. 5A (top panels).

J Cell Sci ; doi: 10.1242/jcs.244442