Movie 2

Primary human neutrophils were isolated from the whole blood of healthy volunteers and perfused over TNF-α-activated monolayers at a density of 1 x 106 cells per mL. The video represents how efficiently neutrophils undergo full TEM in our assays (over 90% efficiency). Phase bright cells are deemed adherent, whereas phase dark cells are deemed fully transmigrated. Time code in red represents minutes, seconds and milliseconds.

L-selectin regulates human neutrophil transendothelial migration

Izajur Rahman, Aida Collado Sánchez, Jessica Davies, Karolina Rzeniewicz, Sarah Abukscem, Justin Joachim, Hannah L. Hoskins Green, David Killock, Maria Jesus Sanz, Guillaume Charras, Maddy Parsons, and Aleksandar Ivetic

J Cell Sci 2021. 134:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.250340