Movie 1

Animation of FIB/SEM generated Image stacks of whole macrophages in contact with GFP-expressing borreliae. Image stacks were subsequently segmented and reconstructed using Amira™ software and false colour-coding to visualize respective regions of interest, with macrophage membranes in yellow and internalized borreliae in turquoise. Image width: 18.8 μm. The pixel size of the FIB/SEM series is 5 nm laterally (x/y). This results in a resolution of ~12 nm, according to the Nyquist criterion.

FIB-SEM-based analysis of Borrelia intracellular processing by human macrophages

Matthias Klose, Maximilian Scheungrab, Manja Luckner, Gerhard Wanner, and Stefan Linder

J Cell Sci 2021. 134:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.252320