Movie 1.

APOE3-mCh is contained in LC3A-positive vesicles. APOE3-mCh was co-transfected into HeLa cells with GFP-LC3A. Quantification of colocalization shown in Fig. S2E. 3-dimensional analysis was performed using Imaris software.

Isoform-dependent lysosomal degradation and internalization of apolipoprotein E requires autophagy proteins

Gianna M. Fote, Nicolette R. Geller, Nikolaos E. Efstathiou, Nathan Hendricks, Demetrios G. Vavvas, Jack C. Reidling, Leslie M. Thompson, and Joan S. Steffan

J Cell Sci 2022. 135:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.258687