Movie 3.

ER growth and retraction in axonal growth cone filopodia do not completely depend on actin movements. Motoneurons expressing mCherry ER and GFP actin were imaged using an epifluorescence microscope for 8 min at 2 sec intervals. In some filopodia, only ER but not actin collapses. Related to Fig. 1.

Dynamic remodeling of ribosomes and endoplasmic reticulum in axon terminals of motoneurons

Chunchu Deng, Mehri Moradi, Sebastian Reinhard, Changhe Ji, Sibylle Jablonka, Luisa Hennlein, Patrick Lüningschrör, Sören Doose, Markus Sauer, and Michael Sendtner

J Cell Sci 2021. 134:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.258785