Movie 2.

The mNeonGreen1xrGBD Rho sensor relocating in a HeLa cell. Spinning disk time lapse movie of a HeLa cell expressing the CMVdel-mNeonGreen-1xrGBD RhoA sensor and H1R (not shown) which was stimulated with 100 μM histamine after 150 s and 10 μM pyrilamine after 350 s. The time stamper represents min:s.

Visualizing endogenous Rho activity with an improved localization-based, genetically encoded biosensor

Eike K. Mahlandt, Janine J. G. Arts, Werner J. van der Meer, Franka H. van der Linden, Simon Tol, Jaap D. van Buul, Theodorus W. J. Gadella, and Joachim Goedhart

J Cell Sci 2021. 134:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.258823