Movie S2

mRNA of Cryab-MS2 visualized with MCP-GFP construct and displays low co-localization and co-transport with mitochondria in axons. live-cell imaging of mRNA particles (green) together with mitotracker marked mitochondria (red) in a motor neuron axon. The red arrows indicate Cryab mRNA particles colocalized with static mitochondria. Note that moving mRNA puncta are not colocalized with mitochondria. Movie speed is 10 frames per second, at 3 seconds per frame.

Co-transport of the nuclear-encoded Cox7c mRNA with mitochondria along axons occurs through a coding-region-dependent mechanism

Bar Cohen, Topaz Altman, Adi Golani-Armon, Anca F. Savulescu, Amjd Ibraheem, Musa M. Mhlanga, Eran Perlson, and Yoav S. Arava

J Cell Sci 2022. 135:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.259436