Movie 2.

Live-cell imaging of U2OS cells transfected with DPF3 siRNA (si DPF3#1). Cells were transfected for 16 hours using calcium phosphate precipitation method and recovered for 8 hours. Live imaging was then started. Images were acquired every 10 min for a total of 24 hours. DPF3-depleted cells spent an unusually long time in mitosis. They did undergo mitosis and showed induction of post-mitotic apoptotic cell death.

Non-canonical role for the BAF complex subunit DPF3 in mitosis and ciliogenesis

Giulia Verrillo, Anna Maria Obeid, Alexia Genco, Jacopo Scrofani, François Orange, Sarah Hanache, Julien Mignon, Tanguy Leyder, Catherine Michaux, Céline Kempeneers, Noëmie Bricmont, Stephanie Herkenne, Isabelle Vernos, Maud Martin, and Denis Mottet

J Cell Sci 2024. 137:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.261744