Movie 1

The video shows the learning and testing phase of a memory test conducted with pigeons raised on a low- or high-quality food treatment. The birds had to learn one out of 18 possible food locations. The pigeon was released into the test area and allowed to feed the food from a randomly chosen open bowl. After a few minutes it was released into the test area again and this time had to remember the food location as all bowls were covered with lids. After 24 hours, the memory test was conducted. Food bowls were covered with lids and the number of lids opened until the bird found the rewarded bowl were counted as errors.

The effect of food quality during growth on spatial memory consolidation in adult pigeons

M. F. Scriba, J. Gasparini, L. Jacquin, C. Mettke-Hofmann, N. C. Rattenborg, and A. Roulin

Journal of Experimental Biology 2017. 220:573-581; doi: 10.1242/jeb.152454