Movie 7

Top view (left) and side view (right) of the take-off dynamics of all experimental mosquitoes, corresponding to Fig. 3A,B. The trajectories were overlaid such that all lift-offs occurred at the same time. Thin lines show flight trajectories, and lollypops show the orientation of the longitudinal body axis, whereby the circles indicate head position, and stick length represents body length. The take-off dynamics is slowed down 100 times. Trajectories are colorcoded with body weight according to the color-bar in Fig. 3B.

Escaping blood-fed malaria mosquitoes minimize tactile detection without compromising on take-off speed

F. T. Muijres, S. W. Chang, W. G. van Veen, J. Spitzen, B. T. Biemans, M. A. R. Koehl, and R. Dudley

Journal of Experimental Biology 2017. 220:3751-3762; doi: 10.1242/jeb.163402