Movie 2

Defence Sounds in a Nessus Sphinx Moth Caterpillar: Close up Videos of Mouthparts
This video demonstrates how the mouthparts of a 4th instar A. floridensis caterpillar are held open during sound production. The caterpillar is making sounds in response to a light pinch to the abdomen. The sounds produced by the caterpillar are broadband but with the dominant frequency in the ultrasound. Therefore, to make the sounds more audible to a human, they were amplified using a bat detector positioned ~30 cm from the caterpillar. The video is played in real time.

Vocalization in caterpillars: a novel sound-producing mechanism for insects

Conrado A. Rosi-Denadai, Melanie L. Scallion, Craig G. Merrett, and Jayne E. Yack

Journal of Experimental Biology 2018. 221:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jeb.169466