Movie 1

‘Hard’ weevil. A Pachyrhynchus sarcitis kotoensis weevil was introduced in the arena (00:12), and a Japalura swinhonis lizard noticed the weevil by shifting its body (00:20) and turning its head towards the weevil (00:27). The lizard approached the weevil (00:48) when it resumed moving, and then spitted it out immediately (00:51) after taking a bite (00:50) without any visible damage to the weevil.

Too hard to swallow: a secret secondary defence of an aposematic insect

Lu-Yi Wang, Wen-San Huang, Hsin-Chieh Tang, Lung-Chun Huang, and Chung-Ping Lin

Journal of Experimental Biology 2018. 221:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jeb.172486