Movie S1

The movie shows optomotor wing steering and head turning responses of one of the moths together with the stimulus and head turning response data for two trials. The moth's behavior shown here was recorded at 30 fps using a video camera that was positioned above the tethered moth. Each trial was 6-s long with a 2-s long inter-trial interval. The texts “Left – Right”, at the top left corner refer to the sinusoidal grating motion direction and a yellow square appears around the text indicating the direction of the stimulus motion. The presented grating is shown in the panel at the top center. The tracked head position is shown at the bottom panel, the plot with red color trace.

Parameters of motion vision in low light in the hawkmoth Manduca sexta

Kalyanasundaram Parthasarathy, and M. A. Willis

Journal of Experimental Biology 2018. 221:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jeb.173344