Movie 1

Representative examples of A. ocellaris clownfish larvae striking at B. similis copepods. Clownfish are identified as early-stage (1-4 days post-hatch, dph), mid-stage (6-9 dph), or late-stage (11-14 dph). Copepods are identified as a nauplius (NIII-NIV stages), copepodite (CII-CIII stages), or adult (CVI stage). Video is slowed down to one-tenth speed (50 frames per second, fps) and a scale bar is present in the bottom left of each clip.

Predatory posture and performance in a precocious larval fish targeting evasive copepods

Mary C. Fashingbauer, Lillian J. Tuttle, H. Eve Robinson, J. Rudi Strickler, Daniel K. Hartline, and Petra H. Lenz

Journal of Experimental Biology 2019. 222:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jeb.191411