Movie 1

Segmented μCT scan of the ovipositor. Colour code same as in graphs (Fig 3); dorsal valve is light blue and ventral valves are dark blue. The characteristic S-shaped region of the ovipositor, the bevel shaped tips, the widening of the dorsal valve, and the serrations on the ventral valves are clearly visible. Additionally, tongue-and-groove mechanisms on the inner sides of the ovipositor are straight and do not show morphological variations.

Stiffness gradients facilitate ovipositor bending and spatial probing control in a parasitic wasp

Uroš Cerkvenik, Johan L. van Leeuwen, Alexander Kovalev, Stanislav N. Gorb, Yoko Matsumura, and Sander W. S. Gussekloo

Journal of Experimental Biology 2019. 222:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jeb.195628