Movie 2

Ventral view of a bamboo shark feeding on squid (Bam03, Trial01), demonstrating the four phases of food motion: (1) initial suction capture, (2) slow transport through the oropharynx, (3) fast transport into the esophagus, and (4) slow transport inside the esophagus. This XROMM animation includes the chondrocranium, pectoral girdle, and left-side Meckel's cartilage, palatoquadrate, ceratohyal, and hyomandibula (see Fig. 1) as semi-transparent bone models. The chondrocranium has been frozen in 3-D space, with other skeletal elements and the food item (orange) moving relative to it. The video is playing 10 times slower than real time (see Methods for X-ray recording settings).

Intra-oropharyngeal food transport and swallowing in white-spotted bamboo sharks

Noraly M. M. E. van Meer, Hannah I. Weller, Armita R. Manafzadeh, Elska B. Kaczmarek, Bradley Scott, Sander W. S. Gussekloo, Cheryl D. Wilga, Elizabeth L. Brainerd, and Ariel L. Camp

Journal of Experimental Biology 2019. 222:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jeb.201426