Movie 1

(1) Dispersal of newly hatched E. tiaratum nymphs; note ant-mimicking coloration and movements.
(2) Representative trial of a E. tiaratum nymph navigating within the experimental arena with visual contrasts. The experimental arena (height of 35 cm, diameter of 26 cm) was lined internally with vertically oriented contrast patterns made from felt sheets.
(3) Experimental setup for recording ascent movements. A vertically oriented treadmill was connected to a speed controller and placed in a dark room. A mirror was positioned at 45° relative to the plane of the treadmill belt so as to provide a filmed image of the climbing insect in dorsal view.

Canopy parkour: movement ecology of post-hatch dispersal in a gliding nymphal stick insect, Extatosoma tiaratum

Yu Zeng, Sofia W. Chang, Janelle Y. Williams, Lynn Y.-Nhi Nguyen, Jia Tang, Grisanu Naing, Chandni Kazi, and Robert Dudley

Journal of Experimental Biology 2020. 223:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jeb.226266