Movie 5

Chemical disruption of tissue stiffness in the shoulder region disables Hydra from somersaulting. This movie shows how selective disruption of collagen fibrils at the shoulder region by lesioning and letting the tissue regenerate in the presence of Dipyridyl can completely disable Hydra from performing a somersault.

Differential tissue stiffness of body column facilitates locomotion of Hydra on solid substrates

Suyash Naik, Manu Unni, Devanshu Sinha, Shatruhan Singh Rajput, Puli Chandramouli Reddy, Elena Kartvelishvily, Inna Solomonov, Irit Sagi, Apratim Chatterji, Shivprasad Patil, and Sanjeev Galande

Journal of Experimental Biology 2020. 223:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jeb.232702