Movie 2

Example of an analysed wingbeat viewed from multiple directions. Wingbeat ID 5 (see Table S2) viewed from Camera 1 (upper left), Camera 2 (upper right), Camera 4 (lower left), and Camera 10 (lower right) (see Fig. 1A) during t'= -0.21 to 1.21. Each camera view was cropped from the original footage to focus on the penguin.

Kinematics and hydrodynamics analyses of swimming penguins: wing bending improves propulsion performance

Natsuki Harada, Takuma Oura, Masateru Maeda, Yayi Shen, Dale M. Kikuchi, and Hiroto Tanaka

Journal of Experimental Biology 2021. 224:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jeb.242140