Movie 1.

Modulation of lung ventilation during rest, constriction, and prey ingestion in boa07. Before being fed, the snake performs lung ventilation with a particular segment at rest. The snake is then offered a prey item roughly 20% of the snake's body mass. After striking, the snake constricts the prey and ventilates with two disparate segments of the body that are different than the region used at rest. Boa07 then begins to ingest the prey and ventilates with yet another different region after swallowing. The regions used during each behavior are highlighted at the end of the video: blue = rest; green = during constriction; red = after swallowing.

Modular lung ventilation in Boa constrictor

John G. Capano, Scott M. Boback, Hannah I. Weller, Robert L. Cieri, Charles F. Zwemer, and Elizabeth L. Brainerd

Journal of Experimental Biology 2022. 225:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jeb.243119