Movie 2.

Sample learning walk. To find examples of putative learning walks, we first time-lapsed the all-night recordings down to short videos that we could scroll through. We wrote the MATLAB script to plot the animal location, along with the previous three frames, to create a stardust effect to better monitor the animal. We then looked for the first sign of lingering or digging in the middle of the arena and followed the subsequent movements until the animal was clearly back at the wall or remained in the burrow for a prolonged period. This clip is of a male P. utahensis that started digging at ∼5:00 AM of a 16-hour video that started at 17:45 (5:45 PM) on Oct 26, 2020.The digging begins at ∼9 s of this 21 s clip. The frame rate of the video was 0.5/s; the actual duration of this time-lapsed example was ∼3.5 minutes.

Evidence of learning walks related to scorpion home burrow navigation

Douglas D. Gaffin, Maria G. Muñoz, and Mariëlle H. Hoefnagels

Journal of Experimental Biology 2022. 225:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jeb.243947