Movie 2.

Male swims below female and vibrates his body and head back and forth beneath the female's egg vent. Male then swims back to nest entry crevice and female swims behind male to same nest entry crevice. Movie zooms in to show male as he swims headfirst into nest entry crevice and female orients head towards crevice before swimming headfirst into crevice.

Acoustic and postural displays in a miniature and transparent teleost fish, Danionella dracula

Rose L. Tatarsky, Zilin Guo, Sarah C. Campbell, Helena Kim, Wenxuan Fang, Jonathan T. Perelmuter, Eric R. Schuppe, Kevin W. Conway, Hudson K. Reeve, and Andrew H. Bass

Journal of Experimental Biology 2022. 225:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jeb.244585