Movie 3.

Electrotaxis. This movie illustrates how Gymnotus omarorum is able to track the field lines generated by a dipole mimicking the EOD of the same species in the presence of interference from an EOD mimic of a second, sympatric species. The G. omarorum EOD mimic was playedback from the left short side of the aquarium/tank and the B. gauderio EOD mimic was played-back through a similar dipole on the right short side of the tank. The first movie shows the raw data and the second is a highly contrasted version; the third shows the fish only and the fourth shows the present position of the fish and its past trajectory. The last movie shows the trajectory of the fish superimposed on the electric field potential distribution, compared with the orientation of the local electric fields represented by arrows (from Waddell and Caputi, 2021).

Living life with an electric touch

Angel Ariel Caputi

Journal of Experimental Biology 2023. 226:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jeb.246060