Movie 5

Example of live imaging of distal dendrites in WT and AZT exposed conditions.
Video showing 50μm by 50μm zoom of representative live imaging of larval terminal dendrites. Live imaging of larva grown in vehicle (Movie 4) or AZT (Movie 5) food show retraction (red arrowheads), elongation (Green arrowheads) and sprouting (Yellow arrowheads). Quantification of live imaging experiments is reported in figure 7.

Drosophila model of anti-retroviral therapy induced peripheral neuropathy and nociceptive hypersensitivity

Keegan M. Bush, Kara R. Barber, Jade A. Martinez, Shao-Jun Tang, and Yogesh P. Wairkar

Biology Open 2021. 10:None-None; doi: 10.1242/bio.054635